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Looking Ahead

As we enter into 2022 our heart is to remain on mission. The mission, as it has been since Jesus spoke the words aloud, is to make His last command our first priority. More people than ever are searching for answers to life, faith, and meaning. We know this for certain - the imperative of evangelism applies to us all, personally and collectively.

At Alpha Australia, we aim to equip and serve the church in its mission to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus.

Our prayer is to see the evangelisation of the nations, the revitalisation of the church, and the transformation of society and we are believing to see 1 million Australians explore faith through Alpha in the coming years.

Our Vision & Prayers for 2022

Paul (Skip) Smith - Alpha in Churches

Our vision and prayer for churches and church leaders in 2022 are that we would have a revelation of the heart of God that NOW is the time for harvest. We pray that our entire church would be Spirit-led and mobilised towards the harvest.

Luke 10:2 ESV

‘And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.’

Our focus for Alpha in a Catholic Context is invitation and connection within the Catholic Parishes and Dioceses of Australia. Although there have been numerous obstacles in 2021, the Holy Spirit has continued to work through His people by further igniting in our hearts a passion for evangelisation. If a pandemic, isolation, and societal struggles haven’t stopped us from spreading the Good News, nothing can stop us.

Our goal is to connect with each state online and face to face this year as we enter into a time of regrowth. We are praying for Spring after a long winter. We are praying for Catholic parishes to begin to flourish in these times. We are praying for regrowth.

Alpha in a Catholic Context.

Ben Higgins - Alpha Youth

With Alpha Youth, we are believing to serve and equip youth ministers, youth leaders, youth pastors nationally. We are expecting and working towards seeing an incredible surge in the use of Alpha through student lead (peer-to-peer) Alphas.

We are believing to see hundreds of students around Australia step into ministry in their local schools by running Alpha for their friends. We are excited about the opportunities to create fresh Aussie content to equip teenagers and youth leaders to share the good news about Jesus.

We are praying for a move of the Holy Spirit amongst young people. We are praying for the future leaders of our nation that they would truly come into a personal relationship with Jesus, that they would be impacted as others share their faith. Our prayer is that we see an incredible awakening of young people around our nation, pointing their friends to Jesus.

Emily Higgins - Alpha in Schools

In Schools all across Australia, we want to see spiritual fires being lit. Our aim is to serve and equip student leaders, teachers, chaplains, and volunteers in schools nationally. We believe young people want to ask questions of faith and need safe and inclusive spaces to ask their questions and explore faith. We are expecting to see hundreds of student leaders empowered to run alpha at lunchtime in their schools. We are believing to see teams of young people, chaplains, teachers, and youth pastors come together to see schools transformed and lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are praying that young people would say yes to Jesus and yes to His call. We are praying for wisdom over school leaders. We speak the name of Jesus over every school in this nation, over every Principal, teacher, and Chaplain. Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Liza Kelder - Alpha in Prisons

Our ongoing prayer for Alpha in the Prison context is together with the ancient words spoken in Hebrews 13: "continue to remember those in prisons as if you were together with them in prison".

That as we remember them, attempting to put ourselves in their position, we connect with their suffering and pray for their restoration as God increases opportunities to explore faith and life through Alpha.

The vision for 2022 is that Alpha as a tool would help to bridge the gap between the church and prisons, extending the opportunity for ALL people to explore faith, life, and meaning. We pray that Alpha would become part of the culture in a prison resulting in changes within prisons and greater opportunities for prison leavers to connect into the life of the church.


As we enter into 2022, we want to thank you for your prayers, your generosity, and your partnership which is being invested for many thousands of Australians to explore faith through Alpha.

We pray for each and every one of you, that 2022 is a year of revitalisation and growth. If there is any way in which our Alpha team can be praying for you, personally or professionally, please let us know by contacting us.

Prayer is the cornerstone of everything we do, and it is our privilege to partner in petition for the needs of our friends. All prayer requests will be confidential.


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