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Filmed all around the world and featuring interviews with world-famous leaders, inspiring stories and all new Australian street talks. The Alpha Film Series: Australian Edition is 100% free and available right now on MyAlpha. 

The Alpha Film Series - Australian Edition
is a series of interactive sessions filmed all over the globe and features interviews with world-famous leaders, inspiring stories and all-new Australian street talks. Each episode deals with a topic of faith and includes plenty of time of discussion.  


Featuring all-new
Australian Street Talks

We wanted to hear what Australians had to say on topics of life, faith and meaning, so we took to the streets to ask Aussies some of life's big and small questions.

Creating spaces for



Every Alpha session includes time to connect. At Alpha, loving people well is more important than winning arguments. 



All the video content for Alpha is available online for free, as well as leaders training, discussion guides and context specific tips and tricks. 



Alpha is all about creating spaces for open and honest discussion. You’re welcome at Alpha, no matter your background or beliefs. 

What's included?

Alpha comes with everything you need to get started, and everthing is available for free on MyAlpha.

All episodes via download

Training for your team

Tools & guides to help you manage and plan

Promotional materials to help you spread the word

Exploring Topics Like...


Is There More to Life Than This?

Who is Jesus?

Why Did Jesus Die?

How Can I Have Faith?

How and Why Should I Pray?

How and Why Should I Read the Bible?

How Does God Guide Us?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?

How Can I Resist Evil?

Why and How Should I Tell Others?

Does God Heal Today?

What About the Church?



Nicky Gumbel

Nicky is the pioneer of Alpha, author of many books including Questions of Life and Searching Issues, and the Bible in One Year.


Toby Flint

Toby previously lead Alpha at Holy Trinity Brompton and is currently the pastor of St. Nicholas in Bristol.


Gemma Hunt

Gemma is a BAFTA award-winning TV presenter, children’s entertainer, voice-over artist, and longtime Alpha fan.


Bear Grylls

world-renowned adventurer, writer and television presenter.


Julia Immonen

Sky Sports News presenter and double Guinness World Record Atlantic Ocean rower.


Father Raniero Cantalamessa

preacher to the papal household.


Jose Henriquez Gonzalez

one of the thirty-three miners trapped for sixty-nine days at the San Jose mine.


Alister McGrath

professor of science and religion at the University of Oxford.


Jackie Pullinger

one of the world’s best-known missionaries.


Ready to get started?

Alpha is 100% free and includes all the series, conversation guides, and marketing resources for you to host Alpha. It’s all available right now on AlphaOne

  • Who is Alpha for?
    Alpha is for everyone who is willing to have an honest conversation. No matter your background, history, or beliefs. You are welcome.
  • What happens at Alpha?
    Every Alpha is different but the core elements stay the same. There is time for connection with one another, be that a meal, snacks or cup of tea over Zoom. Then, we watch a video together, and afterwards we have a conversation about. In the conversation time, you share what you think. You can say as much or as little as you want, and nothing is off limits. Seriously.
  • How much does Alpha cost?
    Alpha is free!
  • How long does Alpha go for?
    Alpha is a series of sessions. However, you are welcome to come along for one week and see if its a fit for you. No pressure.
  • How do I sign up for Alpha?
    Use the 'Find an Alpha' tool above to sign up for Alpha, or use the get in touch via the contact form so the Alpha Australia team can connect you to the best Alpha for you.

Got Questions?

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