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Alpha Youth Series

a simple way to set the scene for faith conversations

The Alpha Youth Series is a collection of interactive sessions that create a space, online or in person, where young people are excited to invite their friends to discuss the big questions about life and faith. The Alpha Youth Series is loved by young people all over the world, super easy to run, and completely free!

Whether is a meal, snacks, or a game over Zoom, every session of Alpha Youth makes time for connection.



All 13 episodes of the Alpha Youth Series are available for free. Each episode teaches a different topic of the Christian faith with discussion breaks throughout.



Alpha Youth is a safe space for young people to ask questions and say what they think. Nothing is off-limits. Seriously.




The Alpha Youth Series is a great tool students can use to share the gospel with their friends.

Alpha is 100% free, including all the coaching your team needs to get started.

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