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Alpha Online

An opportunity like never before to share the Gospel

“In a time when our Catholic parishes and people are not always able to gather as they once did, Alpha Online provides our priests and leaders with an easy and practical way of bringing people together online in small groups, offering formation in the core message of the Gospel, and providing a continued sense of belonging to community."

Daniel Ang. Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

What is Alpha Online?

The Complete Guide to Alpha Online gives you all the tips and tricks you need to run a successful Alpha Online.

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Alpha Online... 

Reaches more people

More people than ever can join your Alpha

Reaches new people

The gospel becomes more accessible when you share it online

Reaches and releases young people

Young people are more likely to try and run Alpha when it’s online

Grows strong leaders

Running Alpha online puts responsibility into the hands of your team

Impacts lives

Jesus is transforming lives through Alpha online

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