Our Gift to You!

God with us, in every moment, every interruption, every success, every heartache and every step ahead. What a glorious message we get to spread to our nation. Thank you for your faithful partnership with Alpha in 2020.


You can download free wallpapers for your phones, tablets and desktops below. Each download includes an Emmanuel Print, as well as a Pause & Pray print, with a prayer for those who are believing will hear the true message of Christmas this year. We are believing with you!

Everything you need to promote Alpha at your Christmas events

So many people will be attending a Christmas service this year, live or online. If you want to use Alpha as your 'next steps', here are some resources you might find useful!

Don't forget! There is plenty more free resource and training online once you register your Alpha! 

The Power of Prayer

In the video below, Ed tells the story of his churches prayer cards, which they used to write down the name of five people. This card was a reminder to pray for those people, and invite them to church or Alpha. The result was fantastic! We have provided files for some beautiful prayer cards to print and distribute to your congregation.

If you are comfortable doing so, send us a picture of your prayer card. The Alpha team would love to be praying for your names with you.