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Who is Jesus?

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Where was Jesus born?

According to the Bible, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. This town, which is mentioned several times in the Old Testament, has a name that means "house of bread" in Hebrew. This is significant because Jesus is often referred to as the Bread of Life in the Bible.

While many of us may picture Jesus being born in a cozy stable with soft hay and warm light (thanks to the influence of Christmas cards and movies), the reality was likely quite different. According to some historians, Jesus may have been born in a damp, cold cave used by shepherds. And the manger where he was laid was probably not a wooden feeding trough but rather a stone watering trough. This detail is also significant because Jesus is referred to as the Living Water in the Bible.

He came into the world to bring hope and salvation to humanity, willingly stepping into the mess of our lives in order to offer us a way to live in heaven.

So why does it matter where Jesus was born? While it's certainly interesting to consider the historical context of Jesus' birth, the real significance of this event lies in why Jesus was born. He came into the world to bring hope and salvation to humanity, willingly stepping into the mess of our lives in order to offer us a way to live in heaven. That's what makes the story of Jesus' birth so meaningful and enduring.

Where did Jesus grow up?

According to the Bible, Jesus' parents, Mary and Joseph, were from a region in the north of Israel called Galilee and specifically from a town called Nazareth. It was here that Jesus spent much of his childhood after being born in the town of Bethlehem.

The fact that Jesus grew up in Nazareth is interesting because it was mentioned in a prophecy made by the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah said that a "shoot" would come from the family tree of Jesse, the father of King David. This prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus, who was born into the family of Jesse through the line of King David. In Hebrew, the word for a tree shoot is "netser," and the town of Nazareth gets its name from this root word. So when the gospel writers referred to Jesus as "Jesus the Nazarene," their first-century Jewish audience may have heard this as "Jesus the Shoot," or the one who was prophesied to be the Messiah.

As an adult, Jesus moved to a town called Capernaum, which was located near the Sea of Galilee. Today, Capernaum is known as "the town of Jesus," and it is a popular destination for tourists.

What did Jesus look like?

..there are very few physical details about Jesus recorded in the Bible at all!

There is no definitive answer to what Jesus looked like, as there are no contemporary physical descriptions of him. However, Jesus likely looked like a typical Jewish man of his time and place, with dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He probably had a beard, as was the custom for Jewish men at the time. Some artistic depictions of Jesus show him with long, flowing hair, but no historical evidence supports this. In general, Jesus was likely a humble, unassuming figure and may not have stood out in a crowd.

How tall was Jesus?

There is no information in the Bible or any other historical txts that tell us exactly how tall Jesus was. In fact, there are very few physical details about Jesus recorded in the Bible at all. We do know that Jesus was a man, and that he lived in a time and place where the average height for men was probably somewhat shorter than it is today. However, beyond that, we don't have specific information about Jesus' height or physical characteristics. Some people have speculated about Jesus' height based on artistic depictions of him or on the dimensions of ancient tombs and burial sites, but these are simply guesses and are not based on concrete evidence. In the end, the important thing about Jesus is not his physical appearance but rather the message he preached and the impact he had on the world.

Was Jesus a carpenter?

You may have heard that Jesus was a carpenter, but did you know this is actually a misunderstanding? When the Gospel writers refer to Jesus as a carpenter, they use the Greek word "tekton," which is more accurately translated as a "craftsman" or "builder." In the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, this word is used to replace the Hebrew word "charash," which refers to a craftsman who works with wood, metal, or stone.

So it's possible that Jesus was not just a carpenter but a skilled craftsman who worked with a variety of materials. This interpretation is supported by the way Jesus is described in the Bible. For example, Jesus referred to himself as the "stone that the builders rejected," and Peter, one of Jesus' followers, described Jesus as the "cornerstone." This language suggests that Jesus had knowledge of building with stone and was skilled at shaping and carving it to fit perfectly into a structure.

But regardless of Jesus' exact trade, what's important is what it represents: that we are all created, fashioned, and formed to fulfill God's purpose. Just as Jesus was skilled at shaping and carving stone, he can also shape and mould our lives to fit perfectly into the plans he has for us.

What did Jesus do on earth?

Jesus is a well-known figure in history, but what exactly did he do on earth? According to the Bible, Jesus was born and grew up in First Century Israel. As an adult, he became a rabbi and was recognised as such by ordinary Jews, the Romans, and Jewish leaders.

One of the most radical ideas that Jesus taught was about love.

As a rabbi, Jesus taught God's Word and preached the good news that God would establish a kingdom to provide hope and purpose to everyone. He also had disciples who followed him and whom he trained to continue his ministry.

One of the most radical ideas that Jesus taught was about love. He said that we should love each other the way God loves us and that if we really love someone, we should be prepared to lay down our lives for them. This message of love and selflessness has continued to inspire people throughout history and remains a core aspect of the Christian faith.

So, in summary, Jesus was a rabbi, a teacher, and a builder who preached the good news of God's kingdom and taught about the importance of love. His teachings and actions have had a profound impact on the world and continue to inspire people today.

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