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What is Alpha?

First things first, Alpha is all about the big questions. What am I made for? What is the meaning of life? What is a Christian? What is my place in the universe? What is the meaning of everything? Is there a God? Where am I heading? Why am I here? These questions are nuanced and difficult. The thing is, we all wrestle with these questions at some point. These questions surround the matters of hope, purpose, meaning and love.

Alpha is a multi-week Christian course exploring life, faith and meaning. It is an interactive series which explores the basics of the Christian faith. In each session there is opportunity to connect with friends, there is the Alpha content which is provided for free, and opportunity to have open and safe conversation.

At Alpha, you’re allowed, actually encouraged, to ask the tough questions.

Alpha creates the space for any community - friends, neighbours, family or co-workers - to join together to have conversations that are authentic and unforced. In this space, leaders don’t need to have all the answers. At Alpha, you're allowed - actually, encouraged - to ask the tough questions and share your beliefs, no matter what they might be and what background of life or faith you might have. Alpha makes sharing faith with anyone accessible and

approachable, even for those who are not familiar with the Christian faith.

This is what Alpha is all about.

Alpha started in a church in London, many years ago, with the simple and achievable idea to engage friends who don’t typically go to Church. People's lives were transformed, and this idea, Alpha, began to grow all over the globe including Australia.

Alpha makes sharing faith with anyone accessible and approachable

What does an Alpha look like?