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The Global Marriage Course

Hosted by Alpha Australia

Strengthen your marriage and ministry

You’re invited to join us for The Global Marriage Course Experience, hosted by Alpha Australia, where we invite church leaders and ministry couples to explore conversations together on a range of subjects that will strengthen their marriages. 

The Marriage Course has reached over 4 million people in more than 120 countries and it is in over 40 languages. The founders and hosts, Nicky & Sila Lee, have added a brand new exclusive session for church leader couples, called ‘Marriage & Ministry’.

Over eight weeks starting in July, you can join us from the comfort of your own home and experience The Marriage Course together. You will have time to explore conversations on a range of subjects that will strengthen your marriage. Every conversation is completely private, just between you and your spouse.

Who is The Global Marriage Course Experience for? 

This course is exclusively designed for church leaders and ministry couples who want to invest in and strengthen their marriages.

The course content includes topics:

  • Strengthening Connection

  • The Art of Communication

  • Resolving Conflict

  • The Power of Forgiveness

  • The Impact of Family

  • Good Sex

  • Love in Action

  • Marriage & Ministry

Course Snapshot

Location: Online only

Dates: Mandarin - from Monday 15th July | English - from  Monday 22nd July

Registration: $50 per couple (to cover the cost of journals)


Got Questions?

  • Who is Alpha for?
    Alpha is for everyone who is willing to have an honest conversation. No matter your background, history, or beliefs. You are welcome.
  • What happens at Alpha?
    Every Alpha is different but the core elements stay the same. There is time for connection with one another, be that a meal, snacks or cup of tea over Zoom. Then, we watch a video together, and afterwards we have a conversation about. In the conversation time, you share what you think. You can say as much or as little as you want, and nothing is off limits. Seriously.
  • How much does Alpha cost?
    Alpha is free!
  • How long does Alpha go for?
    Alpha is a series of sessions. However, you are welcome to come along for one week and see if its a fit for you. No pressure.
  • How do I sign up for Alpha?
    Use the 'Find an Alpha' tool above to sign up for Alpha, or use the get in touch via the contact form so the Alpha Australia team can connect you to the best Alpha for you.
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