A Complete Guide to Running the Alpha Youth Series Online

This is a brand new, downloadable PDF of our top tips for running Alpha for Youth online, using Zoom. You’ve got this!

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Some Top Tips for Running Alpha for Youth Online

What you will need:

The Zoom app

It’s free to download but we’d recommend the paid subscription version that can host meetings longer than 40 minutes. (Though other apps could work as well, Zoom is our #1 choice, especially for groups of more than 12 people). Zoom has a number of great tutorials to help you get it all figured out!

A solid internet connection

You can share your screen and play the episode – it works much better when the episode is downloaded first.

The Discussion Guide

Have the Discussion Guide handy with questions sent beforehand to your hosts and helpers.

Preparing Well:


Thankfully, the presence and power of God is not bound by social distancing or digital interfaces! Pray for all aspects of your Alpha, and try and find ways to join other youth workers to pray together!

Build a Team

There is more information available on what new roles you will need to fill in our guide. One thing to consider if how to empower young people to be hosts and helpers on your Alpha.

Reach Out

While many of us are thinking through the question of how we can stay connected to the students already in our ministry, a GREAT question is how can we use this situation as a way to reach out to those who don’t yet know God?