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‘More Than A Moment’ captures our hope for World Youth Day 2023 to be a catalyst moment for young people, a milestone in their faith journey, that brings them deeper into the life and mission of their local Church! 


Our hope is that this free Alpha resource can be used as a tool within your existing strategy of discipleship and evangelisation, as you accompany your pilgrims before, during and after World Youth Day. 


Alpha’s ‘More than a Moment’ guide was developed with a heart to serve and support you to get the most out of World Youth Day, which includes inspiring young people to come back equipped to share their story throughout their community.



The lead up to World Youth Day is on! Our team of Catholic Youth Specialists are here to support youth leaders, chaplains and teachers to help you prepare for World Youth Day and beyond. We want to help you continue to create spaces for your pilgrims to explore questions of faith, life and meaning when they return from Portugal.
Join us as we explore how you can make World Youth Day 'More Than A Moment' through Alpha.
Book an online session that will cover the 'More than a Moment' schedule and provide an opportunity to discuss how we can help you craft the best experience for your pilgrims and empower them to lead others into an experience with Christ in their school and parish when they return.

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‘More Than A Moment’ includes three elements:


  1. More than a Moment Launch Party - A kick-off event that seeks to build excitement and momentum leading into World Youth Day and situate the pilgrimage as a milestone in their ongoing faith journey through life.

  2. Alpha Sessions - A thoughtfully designed schedule of Alpha Youth Sessions and Retreats, accompanied by video content that compliment the World Youth Day experience of exploring questions of faith, life and meaning. This schedule can be tailored to suit your community. Choose your own adventure!

  3. Make the Space - A second event that provides the opportunity for those who go to World Youth Day to share their experience with others and continue the journey by connecting into their local community and parish.

Click the links above to access more information on each element or download the full guide below.



Our team of Catholic Youth Specialists are here to support you and your community every step of the way! If you have any questions, would like some planning help or support training your team, we would love to connect with you in a one-on-one. 


Click the links below to get in contact with Huw or Justine.


Huw Warmenhoven

Catholic Youth Specialist


Justine Cumbo

Catholic Youth & Schools Specialist

We are praying for you and your pilgrims! We believe that World Youth Day is an incredible opportunity to accompany young people into the life and mission of the Church, in our parishes and schools. Let’s make World Youth Day more than a moment together.

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