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Our Lady of The Southern Cross Parish

58 Opperman Drive Springfield Lakes, QLD 4300

November 4th & 5th, 2022 

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Friday will focus on growing in holiness and how that impacts our mission and witness, as well as a time for refilling and refreshing with prayer and reflection.


Saturday will help focus setting you up for success so that when you go back to your parishes and communities, you go prepared and on fire, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Alpha catholic conference 2022 RS (1920 × 1080 px).png



Shane Hatton


Shane has spent the last decade developing remarkable leaders, teams and cultures blending his experience in business and psychology for teams to recognise their gifts and talents to achieve desired outcomes. Shane has partnered with some of Australia’s most well known and loved businesses across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He is the author of two books including the bestselling ‘Let’s Talk Culture’ and ‘Lead The Room.’


Donna Brennan



Donna has been involved in numerous ministries, ranging from children's and youth ministries to adult formation and evangelisation. She has worked for a variety of parishes in both South Australia and Queensland. She was part of the production team which facilitated the Pentecost Pilgrimage in 2020 and is now invested in the mission to see every parish in Australia use Alpha as an evangelisation tool in the Catholic Context.


Fr. Mauro Conte


Fr Mauro Conte, after his ordination in 1994, obtained a license in Biblical Theology at the Angelicum in Rome. In 1997, he was sent to Australia to work in Sydney, and then later in 1999 in Brisbane. In 2008 he was incardinate into the Archdiocese of Brisbane. From 2011 he has been appointed Parish Priest of the new Parish of Our Lady of the Southern Cross in Greater Springfield. He values strongly the revival of parish life, and bringing the light of Christ everyone. 


Melinda Dwight



Melinda’s journey in following God has taken her from visiting prisons cells across Africa to international boardrooms. She was the first woman to be elected a State Executive member in the Australian Christian Churches. Under Melinda's leadership, Alpha Australia has progressed towards the goal of reaching 1,000,000 people with the opportunity to explore Life, Faith & God by 2025. This year, Alpha will celebrate the 700,000th participant.


Mark Lysaght


Having recently completed 11 years with Australian Catholic University (ACU), he held the position of Associate Director of Identity & Mission, he brings a wealth of experience (35+ years) from the business, Church and community-based contexts coupled with tertiary qualifications in Social Science, Counselling and Ministry. Mark is passionate about helping men and women understand faith, articulate it and live it in today’s world.


Vanessa Cominos


Vanessa is wife, mum and missionary disciple. She practiced optometry for almost 20 years until God called her to full time ministry. In 2017, she left optometry to work in Our Lady of the Southern Cross Parish as the Director of Evangelisation. She is on the parish leadership team and the staff team. She is passionate about parish renewal and being part of the journey of changing people’s lives in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Peter Pellicaan


Rev Dr Peter Pellicaan was a protestant pastor before being received into communion with the Catholic Church, he brings a fresh enthusiasm for beauty, goodness and truth. Peter is an ordained Deacon with a Bachelor of Ministries, a Grad Dip in Education, a Masters in Educational Leadership, and a Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Notre Dame Australia. He's passionate about reviving Catholics to rediscover the wonder of their faith.


Fr. Chris Ryan, MGL 



Fr. Chris Ryan has served in a variety of ministries, including the preparations for World Youth Day 2008. He has written a number of books and has his PhD which examines the RCIA as a resource for youth ministry in our secular age. Since 2019, Fr Chris has been the Director of the Arete Centre for Missionary Leadership, which forms lay people as leaders in evangelisation and parish renewal.


Rebecca Crouch


Rebecca is a Program Director for NET Ministries and is a worship leader, preacher and spiritual director. She has worked with NET both here in Australia as well as spending seven years living and working in Ireland. She is passionate about Jesus, the Church and becoming all she can be, and calling others to do the same. She believes that change starts with the renewal of our hearts and an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ. 



R&T Schedule- UPDATE FINAL.png


Choose which two workshops to attend, one in the morning and one in the afternoon session on Saturday.

Divine Renovation

9.55 am

Kevin Bailey - 12 Baskets Left Over:

The Importance of Measuring the Fruitfulness of Mission.

How do we know if we are being successful and moving in the right direction and the role of metrics in that? How do we overcome the concern that it is unspiritual/business-y? What are metrics for mission?

2:15 pm

Kevin Bailey - The Mission Needs Strategy!

Why a Little Bit of Strategy Goes a Long Way.

How to make a difference without being overwhelmed? Fruitful while sustainable? How do I organize all the chaos? How do vision, strategy and tactics relate and work together?


9.55 am

Liza Kelder - Compassion and Kinship

This workshop explores the concept of standing with the poor, the powerless and the defenceless, not just in service to those on the margins but in mutuality. Come and learn how Alpha as a tool is helping reach out to those in prison and beyond while at the same time, creating space for us to learn about what they carry.

9.55 am

Alice Staines - Social Media 101

Alice has over a decade of experience in graphic design & social media, working with churches and not-for-profits across Australia. Join her as we discuss the opportunity & theology of social media, with plenty of practical top tips to help both the novice and the experienced. 

Alpha Youth

9.55 am & 2.15 pm

Justine Cumbo & Huw Warmenhoven - Where Are All The Young People?

Have you ever asked this question? Join us as we explore the current reality that the next generation is experiencing. This workshop will explore the practicalities of how your parish community can make the space for young people to explore questions of faith, life and meaning through the Alpha Youth Series.

Evangelisation Brisbane

2.15 pm

David Kruse - Holy Zeal; A Biblical Method of Getting Motivated!

The Bible is the best guidebook for life. It’s more like a library! Holy Zeal is the biblical term used for getting fired up to do God’s will. Come and get a taste of Holy Zeal and learn how to get and stay motivated!

Shane Hatton

9.55 am

Shane Hatton - Lead The Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter

Every time you speak you are either building or burning your leadership platform. In the important moments – the moments that really matter – people are looking to someone who will lead them. This session is about making those moments count, to communicate a message that not only engages and inspires but that mobilises and compels people to take action.

2.15 pm

Shane Hatton - Lead The Conversation – Develop a Team of Problem Solvers

Good leaders know how to speak. Great leaders know when not to. Questions are a powerful key to unlock human potential. In this session we will help you master the art of ‘asking’ more and ‘telling’ less and become more coach-like in the way you lead and engage your team.



Fr Chris Ryan - Finding volunteers: 10 keys for recruiting and keeping volunteers

One of the key refrains we hear from parish leaders is that they cannot find the people to serve in different ministries. This workshop will suggest 10 proven keys for identifying, recruiting and keeping volunteers in your parish.


Fr Chris Ryan - Alpha does not stand alone: Creating a Discipleship Pathway in your parish

What happens after Alpha? Developing a clear and simple pathway for people to grow is crucial if parishes are to really form people as missionary disciples. This workshop will look at what steps are needed in the pathway, and how to establish these steps.


2.15 pm

Martin Brennan - Identity Matters! Is Charles King for ‘what he did’ or ‘who he is’?

Is my value based on ‘what I do’ or ‘who I am’?  Explore how to make a shift from a performance based mentality, and together we will explore our royal identity we receive as sons and daughters of God who have received an inheritance to do the works of Jesus and even greater works (Jn 14:12).



Full Conference Cost: $99

Friday ONLY Ticket: $69.00
Saturday ONLY Ticket: $49.00


For those who don't want to hire a car and want to stay in Brisbane city, we have organised a bus transfer as an optional extra, to and from the venue. 

  • Bus transfer is available on Friday and Saturday.

  • Cost for bus is $15 per day.

  • Select the bus option upon registration (press Tickets) to book your spot on the bus.

  • Pick up and drop off location is on Charlotte Street, behind St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral, Brisbane.

  • Pick up at 7:30am sharp.

Ticket Options
  • Who is Alpha for?
    Alpha is for everyone who is willing to have an honest conversation. No matter your background, history, or beliefs. You are welcome.
  • What happens at Alpha?
    Every Alpha is different but the core elements stay the same. There is time for connection with one another, be that a meal, snacks or cup of tea over Zoom. Then, we watch a video together, and afterwards we have a conversation about. In the conversation time, you share what you think. You can say as much or as little as you want, and nothing is off limits. Seriously.
  • How much does Alpha cost?
    Alpha is free!
  • How long does Alpha go for?
    Alpha is a series of sessions. However, you are welcome to come along for one week and see if its a fit for you. No pressure.
  • How do I sign up for Alpha?
    Use the 'Find an Alpha' tool above to sign up for Alpha, or use the get in touch via the contact form so the Alpha Australia team can connect you to the best Alpha for you.



Donna Brennan


Barb Conlon


Tania Rimac


Huw Warmenhoven

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Justine Cumbo



Contact us directly here.


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