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Alpha Online is an opportunity for people from all walks and stages of life to explore life and faith.

What is Alpha Online

Moving Alpha into the online space has given many the chance to connect with others and discover a relationship with Jesus. Watch just how Alpha Online has been changing lives.
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Alpha Online Top Tips



Even though groups are meeting online, churches can still put a strong emphasis on hospitality.
  • Heavier Email Communication: Send weekly emails re-capping last week’s talk and ask guests to share their thoughts via email. Make sure to check-in if someone missed a night.
  • Session Engagement: Saying hello to people, asking questions, telling jokes. Avoid the silent downtime to keep excitement and enthusiasm high.
  • Chat Functionality: Encourage hosts, helpers, and guests to utilise the chat functionality to comment and ask questions.

Host Preparation

Make sure the hosts have all video files, discussion questions, and access to the digital solution the church has chosen. Churches are finding that guests tend to be more vulnerable online than in person. Prep your hosts so they
can expect this.

Quality Discussion

  • Ask all guests to be on video
  • Ask all guests to join in a quiet environment if possible
  • Ask all guests to unmute during discussion. (Unless in a noisy setting). This allows for a more organic, free-flowing conversation.
  • Ask guests to not use green screen backgrounds to create a more natural environment.


  • Internet Connection: If you are hosting Alpha Online, make sure you have a strong internet connection. If possible, plug directly into an ethernet cable.
  • Short and Sweet: Churches have found that in an online format, people start to lose interest at around the one-hour mark. We recommend keeping the full session to 1 hour- 1 hour 15 minutes.
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& Training

Our Alpha Australia team is readily available to bounce ideas off, answer questions, pray with you and coach your teams. If you would like help with ideas and planning, we’d love to connect and make a time to equip you with a free coaching session.

Impact Report 21/22

Read about the 78,870 people who tried Alpha in 2021, the 1,455 churches and organisations that participated, and our strategy to serve the church and its leaders.

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