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November 2024

Join the Alpha team for a leadership tour for church innovators in the UK

Join us for this inspiring trip to London, where we'll glean from the history and creativity of the city and meet with church leaders who are innovating in a post-Christian context. Come be encouraged by the longevity and resilience of the Church, and the hunger and dependence on a move of the Spirit in the churches we visit. This trip will spark your imagination and inspire you to dream about what God has for you and for Australia.

Draft Schedule

Tuesday, Nov 12

Arrive in London + Welcome Dinner

Wednesday, Nov 13

Morning with Ric Thorpe on Innovation, private Tour of St Pauls and an afternoon with a special guest

Thursday, Nov 14

Leadership day at SAINT

Friday, Nov 15

Renaissance Conference at SAINT

Saturday, Nov 16

Renaissance Conference at SAINT

Sunday, Nov 17

Church services at HTB Brompton Road, KXC and SAINT + sightseeing

Monday, Nov 18

Day trip to Oxford/Birmingham (TBC)

Saturday, Nov 19

Morning at SAINT with Al Gordon & team + farewell lunch

Renaissance 2023 Highlights

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