Alpha Coaching

Welcome to our coaching page. We encourage you to continue to register all the Alphas you run on MyAlpha then you will have access to all the video talks, training, guides for your team and guests, and more.

All times are in AEST. Please make note of your local timezone. 

Alpha Coaching Short Cuts

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Beginners Guide to Run Alpha

This session is designed for people who have never run Alpha before, or haven’t run it for a very long time. We’ll be looking at the philosophy and culture of Alpha, best practice for running Alpha and keys for having an effective small group discussion

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Zoom 101 for Alpha

For those new to the online space, a very practical look at how to run Alpha Online using Zoom, with plenty of time to cover FAQs, Q&A.

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Zoom 201 for Alpha

How to get the most out of Zoom with Alpha including breakout rooms, registration, branding & tools.

Watch a replay of a previous Zoom 201 Coaching

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Alpha in a Catholic Context

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Alpha Youth

Facilitated by the National Alpha Youth team. Open to all Youth Pastors & Leaders from around Australia. We’ll cover the basics of running Alpha Youth in your context.   

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