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Alpha Australia is so excited to announce the launch of the Chinese Alpha Film Series (CAFS), our first fully Mandarin - contextualised series produced completely in its native language.

We look forward to sharing this new tool with pastors and churches in Australia and would like to invite you to the launch event. We would appreciate it if you can join us for a time of fellowship and discussions about how can we serve you and your community through this exciting new evangelistic tool.

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Please register using the following links

Feel free to forward this invitation to fellow pastors and leaders who will be interested in joining this event. We look forward to seeing you at the launch!

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启发很高兴地宣布推出了华人启发视 (CAFS). 这是我们第一个完全以普通话制作的启发系列。

我们期待与澳大利亚的牧师和教会分享这个新工具,并邀请你参加我们的发布会. 如果你能加入我们的发布会来讨论我们如何可以通过这个新传福音工具为你和你的教会服务, 我们将不胜感激。



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