Let's make Jesus' last command our first priority


Alpha and Alpha Online are a series of interactive sessions that creates space for people to explore life, faith, meaning and Jesus. 


"Alpha helps get the conversation started, connecting people to a living and loving God. So I'd say, have a go. It really is worth it." 


Wayne Alcorn

ACC National President 

Alpha is 100% free, including all the coaching your team needs to get started.

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Senior Pastors Roundtable

Join Melinda Dwight and Murray Averill for an open discussion about the imperative of evangelism and how Alpha can move the dial of evangelism in your church. 

This online event is for ACC Senior Pastors. Come along and discuss the wins and challenges of evangelism with your peers.

Alpha Youth CoLab 

A 90-minute interactive discussion for all ACC Youth Pastors and leaders, hosted by Ben Higgins with special guest David Edgar (Youth Alive Victoria). We'll unpack the basics of Alpha Youth, plus provide insights on how to maximise the Alpha Youth Series to reach young people, make disciples and develop future leaders.

Online Event with Ps Dave Edgar

Tuesday, April 27

7-8.30PM AEST

Explore Alpha

What is Alpha and Alpha Online? How does it work? How will it help my church reach lost people? This 1 hr lunchtime Zoom call will give you an opportunity to hear about Alpha & ask questions specific to your church context.

Wednesday, 5 May

12.30-1.30PM AEST

Run your Best Alpha 

How do I make Alpha and Alpha Online to work in my context? How do I get the results other see? This 1 hr lunchtime Zoom call is for all those who may have tried Alpha or heard about it, but want to know how to get the most out of it for maximum impact.

Thursday, 6 May

12.30-1.30PM AEST

Connect with us at Conference

Our team is available throughout conference to connect. Come see us at the Alpha stand in the expo or contact Skip on 0411 248 301 to join one of our breakfast or supper gatherings with Melinda Dwight, Murray Averill & team.

Alpha is flourishing in ACC.
Why? Because it works.

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